Help annotated bibliography nightmare.

  1. Hi everyone could someone please help me we have benn given an essay to do where we need to do an annotated bibliography on four papers on the subject of 'witness resuscitation'. Each annotation has to be 550 words. We are to use a critiquning model which i am having difficulty finding and we need to summarise the papers as a body of work at the end. I am really struggling with it if anyone has any ideas could they respond asap.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i'm not clear as to whether you are looking for information on how to write an annotated bibliography or information on witness resuscitation.

    here is information on how to write an annotated bibliography:
    as for witness resuscitation, i am not sure what you are getting at with your essay. are you intending to give a point of view for or against family or members of the public watching healthcare workers involved in the process of resuscitating someone? if so, you should be able to find articles relating to this not only on the internet by just doing a search for "witness resuscitation", but in the critical care journals. critical care and emergency care is usually where this issue comes up.