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  1. Gud day to all! can anybody help me for NCPs? i want to have samples of the following NCPs. Hypertension, Hepatitis, malnutrition. please give me a link or send a private message. - thank you so much! Happy New Year to all!...
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, icon!

    you will find lots of links to sample care plans and case studies in this thread which is also on this forum:

    two other threads that you will also find helpful in writing care plans are these:
    you can also find older threads on care plan questions by doing a search of the allnurses site using the words "nanda" (use lower case letters) and "diagnosis". i also search using "care" or "plan", but too many hits come up to check out if you don't put some restriction on the dates you are searching.

    the two student forums where care plan questions are brought up are generally this one and the general nursing student discussion forum, also on allnurses (

    please feel free to post any questions you have when you are working on a care plan. i check the forums daily for care plan questions.

    welcome to allnurses!