Good News- Accepted into Nursing school

  1. After 2 years of taking Saturday classes to complete my prerequities, I was accepted to RN Nursing Program for AS degree. I graduated with a BS degree in Accounting 10 years ago but did bio/chm/phy in High school. I took the NLN exam and did not finish all the Math and English but completed all science in the time allotted and was placed with 97% percentile in class. I refer to you guys for encouragement. I am 34 year Mom with 2 kids. I will be quiting this accounting now and I feel bad for my boss. Should I work part time until he finds a replacement?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi! Congratulations.

    Due what you have to do for yourself and your family, be it work part time or not.

    Good luck to you in school.
  4. by   YoungWiseWoman
    Hi Ksanda,
    Congratulations on being accepted !!! Do what is best for your school schedule and family. I am starting classes in 2 weeks and out of all the advice I have been given "DO NOT WORK IN THE 1ST SEMESTER!" was common. AND you have kids too, so you will be spread pretty thin. Like 3rdshiftguys says, do what is best for you and your family. Your boss can find someone else...there are lots of people looking for jobs, so he will be fine. Good Luck!
  5. by   manna

    I wouldn't feel bad about quitting your job - but I think the proper thing to do is give a long enough notice (at least 2 weeks, right?) that they can begin the search for someone to fill your shoes.