Giving Depo Medrol IM

  1. When you give an 80mg IM injection of Depo Medrol, is it mixed w/ anything in the syringe or just drawn up straight from the vial, and is it OK to give it in the deltoid?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Make sure the solution is well mixed before drawing it up. No, you do not dilute it with anything except what it comes with, so don't add any saline or bacteriostatic water to the syringe; give the medication exactly in the form it comes from the vial. No, you specifically should not give it in the deltoid muscles. This medication has to go deep into the muscle tissues, a large muscle mass such as the gluteal muscle is preferred. Use at least a 21g needle and nothing smaller. It is recommended that it be given in the morning if possible. (My source: Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference 2004, page 657-8 on methylprednisolone)
  4. by   ashemson
    I know a nurse that gave it in the deltoid, does that make it not work at all, or just not as effective?