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  1. I had a request from a number of students to put my pharmacology content from the coming Spring semester as just audio on iTunes. Watching on YouTube is sometimes inconvenient or takes up too much bandwidth. So I wanted to share this new podcast with the community. If you would like to listen to the audio content from the Memorizing Pharmacology videos, they are the first seven episodes of the Free Pharmacology Course Podcast on iTunes which you can link to here:

    Free Pharmacology Course Podcast by Tony Guerra on Apple Podcasts

    I'm open to adding more, just leave me a comment or contact me and I'll try to put up relevant audio pharmacology content for you. I look to add additional content to help students translate, understand, and memorize the relevant pharmacology content.

    To find the podcast using the podcast app:

    Press the magnifying glass in the iTunes app

    Type "pharmacology"

    You may have to push "See All" or scroll a little to the right to find it. Look for the orange runner on top of "Free Pharmacology Course" on a black background.

    I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and an excellent next semester of pharmacology!
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  3. by   ami.625
    Thank you! Just a pre-nursing student right now, but I'll be sure to listen and leave a review!