Flushing IV Question - page 2

Hi! I have a question regarding flushing IV's. Today was my second day of clinical on a surgical floor. I was assisting an RN with temporarily disconnecting an IV. She drew up 2.5 cc's of... Read More

  1. by   JennieO
    I work in the PACU and we had a preop pt. come down with a triple lumen central line in which the sutures were out and the line only had a loose piece of gauze over it with one piece of tape. The pt. said it had been like this for two days. I told the nurse who had him that we should put tegaderm over the line and tape it down and to call the doc. She could not understand how the pt. could get an air bolus ft the line got pulled out . She has worked in the PACU for 32 years and acted like that was the most ludicrous thing she had ever heard. Go figure.
  2. by   healys
    Just a note: Yes the patient will be fine, but never administer a medication (yes, Saline is a medication if it breaks the skin) unless YOU draw it up. That way you will never go wrong. In my state, I am not sure about others, it is illegal to give or administer a med drawn up or "popped" by someone else. You need to review the order against the original label yourself. Best Safe Practice will keep your license safe, too. Good Luck in your nursing Career.
  3. by   danissa
    .just make sure that you have expelled any air from your syrynge, your fluid is at the tip, and you fill the port of the line with your flush before connecting. also knock any air bubbles out of the port..bubbles rise to the top of anything, so are easy to get rid of, once you have the experience of doing it. I remember being so petrified of bubbles in the tubing etc, the other staff called me Aero! (its a UK choc bar, filled with bubbles!)
    You will get there, watch other people and with experience it gets to be second nature..a bit like driving! Good Luck!