fluids & electrolytes

  1. I am having a a test in 10 days and it has the dreaded fluid & electrolytes on it. I finally can understand how to read the ABG's and know if it compensated or not. This is what I still don't understand, In respritory acidosis you are not breathing enough so you are retaining co2. let me know anytime if I am wrong PLEASE!. in res alk. you are breathing too much (hyperventilation) and you are blowing off too much co2. now here comes that part I am having trouble understanding. In metabolic acidosis you have too much acid in our body and not enough bi carb? is that right? and in metabolic alkalosis you have too much bicarb and not enough acid (vomit, dia). I have finally learned how to read the ABG's by the tic tac toe medthod. I have tried the sea saw and that didnt help when it came to understanding it it was compensating or not. can anybody let me know if I have this right or not

    thank you

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