Extern Requirements?

  1. Hi..this question is for anyone employed at a hospital that offers an Nurse Extern program. I am a first year ADN student, I am currently doing a 10 week Med/Surg rotation. I have been given contradictory information regarding the amount of experience needed to be considered for an Extern position. Some people have told me a med/surg rotation is enough, while others are telling me that a year of clinical experience is required. Does anyone have any accurate info they can give me? I really think that the experience would be very helpful to me.
    I would be applying to Pennsylvania hospitals, since that's where I live, but information from anywhere would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:spin:
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  3. by   beth66335
    The hospital I used to work at last year has an Extern program. They require that you complete your 1st year of nursing courses. They would hire students to work the Summer between 1st & 2nd year. If you have previous hospital experience that may change it where you live, but our Externs had to be able to do all the skills taught in the first year of school. You could probably get a job as a CNA after your Med/Surg rotation, and in my old hospital if you were a CNA in NS they would let you help with and observe all kinds of fun procedures!
  4. by   swee2000
    In the hospital I work at, we have Nurse Interns, which I am assuming is the same as Nurse Extern. There are 2 levels of the Nurse Intern position. An NI-I can start working after they've completed their first semester of nursing school w/clinical. In this position, they function just like a CNA, but make a little more $$. Also, they are expected to be able to perform any of the skills learned in school up to the end of 1st semester, as well as the CNA skills. They do not and are not allowed to do any nursing functions at this point, per the hospitals policy.

    An NI-II is one who has successfully completed the 1st year of nursing school, including 2 semesters of clinicals with med/surg having been part of those 2 semesters. I'm not sure if a GPA is also a requirement of an NI-II(&/or NI-I), but for some reason I recall hearing that. An NI-II is able to do meds(incl PO, IVPB & IV-Push, SQ, IM, etc), assessments, all the skills learned up to the end of 2nd semester of nursing school, as well as all the CNA work. They basically function like an RN while primarying 2-3 patients(once off orientation), but under the supervision and direction of a licensed RN.

    Lastly, while I don't think prior work experience is a requirement on my unit for Nurse Interns, it definetly helps. I've seen it several times now where those w/o CNA experience get hired in the NI-I or NI-II role and struggle from the start because they don't even know how to do the basics of a CNA position. Plus the experience also helps with time management & prioritization.