1. I need to do a drug card on Ephedrine, and I cannot find it in my Davis Drug Guide, does anybody know another name for this drug so I can find the information I need? I am doing OB drug cards and this is on the Labor and Delivery Drug sheets, My client did not use it, but we still have to do them anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Thank You!!!
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    Nursing implications is the only thing that wasnt there that I need, does anybody have any words of wisdom?
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    Nursing Considerations for ephedrine, a vasopressor, given IV for shock or hypotension from my nursing drug reference and 2007 Intravenous Medications, 23rd edition, include the following:
    • Assess I&O
    • Assess EKG continuously during administration
    • Assess B/P and heart rate every 5 minutes
    • Assess for paresthesias and coldness of extremities. Peripheral blood flow may decrease. Long term use may produce anxiety states requiring sedation. Increased lactic acid with sever metabolic acidosis can occur.
    • Assess the injection site for tissue sloughing and administer phentolamine mixed in NS if this occurs.
    • If given IV, give through a stopcock or Y-connection, inject 10-25mg slowly. May be given undiluted. Protect solution from light.
    • Monitor potassium levels
    • May cause anoxia in the fetus
    • Safety for use in breast-feeding is not established.
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