Coronary arteries (where do they supply blood to?)

  1. hey guys! i really know the general answer to this question; but...

    we were given a "little" homework assignment to have completed for our first alterations in cardiac functioning on thursday. this is what the paper says:

    coronary arteries (where to they supply blood to?)
    right coronary artery (rca) serves ______ (1) node
    right atrium and ventricle; post. wall left ventricle

    left coronary (lca)- serves
    left anterior descending
    intraventricular suptum and anterior _______ (2) ventricle

    circumflex artery
    left _______ (3) and lateral portion of _____ (4) ventricle

    coronary veins
    drain the myocardium
    empty into the _____ (5) atrium

    i feel all kinds of silly that i don't remember this and can't seem to find the information. i'm trying to remember from a & p and so far i have:

    1. sa (sino-atrial)
    4. left ventricle
    5. right atrium

    if anyone could help me on this, i'd really appreciate it.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I believe you'll find some if not most of your answers on these links:
  4. by   Eirene
    thanks so much! that cleveland clinic site spelled it right out for me.

    i appreciate you!