Continuous Bladder Irrigation Flow Rate?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have looked EVERYWHERE in my Perry & Potter skills text for an actual flow rate for continous bladder irrigation and I can't find one. I looked around this site and there were some nurses that prefer to use a "fast rate"... but could someone tell me roughly what the rate would be?? I'm just very curious about how fast it should be running in order not to create discomfort but also decrease the incidence of clogging.....

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  3. by   britgirl37
    i don't think there is a set rate as such, its different with each pt depending on how post op they are. it's usual to just adjust the flow so that the urine comes out a light pink and prevent clots and yes that can be pretty fast!. i've never heard of an actual flow rate though.
  4. by   talaxandra
    Like britgirl said, there's no set rate - you adjust the flow to get a rose drainage. In some cases that means 2L through in an hour, in others a bag can last as long as four or even six hours, by which time the urologists will be thinking about discontinuing it.