Clinical Paper Diabetes Mellitus II

  1. does anyone know of a Microsoft Media Player Turtorial on Diabetes type 2? I am doing my first clinical presentation on this and would like a little animation in the powerpoint presentation. If you can provide me with some links that would be great that I can download.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    about the only website that i know of that has animation is the diabetes health online site. you'd have to look through the various animations they have to see if one will fit your needs. i've listed other links i have to diabetes resources for you. although they don't have animation, they might give you ideas to go in a direction for organizing your presentation.

    this is the medline plus interactive tutorial on diabetes. it comes in three formats. i'm not very computer savvy, so i don't know if you can download any of these presentations onto a computer for use.

    here is a link to patient level education materials on diabetes but it is written information and not in the format you are looking for:

    these are other links i have for information on diabetes: - "learn about diabetes" from vanderbilt eskind diabetes center - diabetes tutorial from the university of utah school of medicine with links to slides of tissues - diabetic life. part of the health scout network. health scout makes the short informational video pieces that are played on tvs in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices. - diabetes health online. has a lot of good information on the types of dm, signs and symptoms, diet and nutrition, insulin and other drugs used to treat it, procedures and tests as well as animations about disease conditions related to diabetes. you may have to register (but it's free) to access some of the options on this site. - the american diabetes association home page