client teaching help, does this sound right?

  1. Hello!
    I am new here, sorta..... Have been reading posts for about a year now just never logged in.

    Looking for little help. I have a client teaching project coming up next week and I am a bit confused. Not really sure If I am doing this right. Could you please offer some feedback?

    My client education will be:

    Deficient knowledge related to familiarity of surroundings secondary to Alzheimers disease and Chronic confusion.

    The client I am working with seems eager to learn some ways of remembering her new surroundings. I am thinking about making a map that she can place in her room sorta like a "You are here" type tool. I will note all of the places she is familiar with but has a hard time remembering. She is familiar with the dining room, her bedroom, the kitchen and a fish tank on the floor where she resides. To help her with the day/month, A large print calendar for her room with a clock next to the her bed. I'm sure I am making this harder on myself than it really is but what do you think? would this be correct? any other ideas would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    what about a white board that can have the date written on it and also something that says "Today is Sunday January 24, 2006 and you are at suchandsuch hospital" The reason for the whiteboard is that it may be less confusing for her to have one thing to read vs having to look at a calendar which won't help her if she doesn't know what day it is.
    Also maybe label the pictures of her family she may have in her room to help her remember their faces as well. And a list of phone numbers.
    This is all assuming she can read okay of course.
  4. by   Daytonite
    hi, jasmine-bear01! - on this webpage is a link called "great escapes: the wandering dilemma" that you might find has some interesting interventions for confused patients who wander.

    congratulations on finally taking the plunge and registering!
  5. by   Jasmine-Bear01
    A ton of Thanks CoopergrrlRN and Daytonite!
    The suggestion about the white board is perfect and the website attachement has alot of great information. I will surely put all of this great info. to use.