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  1. I'm focusing my careplan on depression and chronic pain. I need two dx.

    I'm having trouble creating a goal for depression though. I'm not looking to cure depression I just want my pt. to be able to cope with her depressive mood. My pt. loves to read and she says it's her only way of distracting herself from depression and her chronic pain. Interventions for coping w/ depression I was thinking: use reminescene therapy, provide different forms of expressing such as music, pictures, writing; position client by window.

    My pt. refuses to go out of her room she doesn't like socializing with anyone else in the long term facility. & for her chronic pain I also have to come up with a goal of her coping with it. I have my interventions for chronic pain as well like guided imagery, mediation, etc. Just having a dificult time with the goals because I know they have to be very specific.

    Any help?

    By the way, I'm new here! hi everyone.
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  3. by   AndrewCraigRN
    You said it yourself, " I just want my pt. to be able to cope with her depressive mood." Try to turn that into a goal. I see two key words here. Coping and depression. Patient will use effective coping mechanisms during depressive episodes by discharge. Or, something like that. As far as chronic pain, what is the cause? If it's chronic, of course, we probably won't be able to completely stop the pain during this admission. That wouldn't be practical. However, you can use your interventions in your goal statement for chronic pain. Patient will be able to report and/or describe alternative coping mechanisms for chronic pain such as meditation or guided imagery by discharge. Goal statements are tough! Good luck!
  4. by   ilearntoo
    Thank you! You're right lol Although my pt. is in long term facility and most likely will never be discharged so I had to switch it up a bit. I'm having trouble with chronic pain dx now couldn't find a real dx with "chronic pain" so I used "readiness for enhanced comfort" since pt. has lower back pain 8/10 scale for 8 years claims nothing works for her but wants to learn ways to distract herself. not sure if this is a good dx to choose though.
  5. by   AndrewCraigRN
    Well, you said yourself again, "wants to learn ways to distract herself." I believe that sounds like readiness to me. You see, you've got it. It's in there! You could check into readiness for enhanced knowledge as well. You don't need us. You're an expert! Take care!
  6. by   KD_bluelnwife
    Well you stated your goal! For patient to increase activity and socialization which in turn will lessen the depression!