Care Plan Confusion

  1. I am at an impass. I managed one of my NDXs, but my second is starting/stopping in inspiration of knowledge unlike any other. We're not supposed to re-use ANY care plans that we have done previously. This is especially difficult because this patient is definitely qualified for any of my previous entries.

    Pt is 75, obese white female. Alzheimer's Disease, aphagia, depression, anxiety, UTI, mod contracture of R hand, mild in L hand, both legs beginning to contract as well. Anxiety, depression, B&B incontinence. This poor lady has the same look that most infants have- everything is new and possibly scary. She is immobile, either in a gerichair or in bed.

    Right now I'm stuck on what sort of goal I can set for somebody that is not going to have any noted recovery in the day that I get to see her. The NDX I'm using is Impaired physical mobility r/t contracutres AEB limited ROM.

    I'm going to keep beating my head in to figure out how to get this right. I hope I put up enough information.

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  3. by   Mandychelle79
    think about maintaining instead of fixing.

    able to tolerate passive range of motion excersises without any nonverbal expressions of pain
  4. by   kpolster87
    Thank you! That clears things up. I know I should be thinking more in the "Nurse Mind" by now. I'm learning a new language and culture and I sometimes wonder how well I'm making the conversion.