Bio, Psychosocial model help please


    I was wondering if there is anyone that can help me. We have been given the above assignment to do, discuss the patient and explain how that patients car plan has been dirived at, using the above model and some other factors.

    Can anyone think of a good patient to use, need idea thats not too complex as only have 2000words?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    when you have these kinds of assignments your instructors are looking to see if you understand the theory of the model they are asking you to use. what you need to do is look at this major features of this theory you've been assigned. i don't happen to recognize it. were you given lectures on this model?

    a patient's plan of care always follows the sequence of:
    1. assessment
    2. nursing diagnosis
    3. planning
    4. implementation
    5. evaluation
    the assessment of the patient forms the foundation of the care plan. you use this model as your guide in making your assessment of the patient. it serves as a kind of style and the things you will focus on when you do your assessment of the patient. when you write up that assessment in your paper you'll want to make sure you show that you've tweaked your assessment to the major features of the theory. from then on, the remainder of the care plan proceeds like any other care plan. the nursing diagnosis is determined by analyzing the assessment data. whatever you find was abnormal in your assessment, now becomes a "problem" that you will address later with nursing interventions in the planning stage. i don't know if you are using nursing diagnoses, but with nursing diagnoses you are taking the patient's problems and seeking to match them with appropriate nursing diagnoses. once you have done that, you develop goals and nursing interventions for the various problems. implementation is just putting the planning into action and evaluation is determining if you've met the goals you set up.

    my sense is that your instructors are going to see if you are able to make your patient assessment match the major features of the model assigned. that is going to be really important. as for the kind of patient to choose, i would say pick any medical disease that pleases you. if you want an easy one then don't choose something like diabetes because it's too complicated. why not something like the common cold or an ear infection? we know the symptoms of these because many of us have had a cold or an ear infection at some time. you can also find the signs and symptoms of these in textbooks as well to help you with the assessment part of this.

    you can find information on care plan writing on this thread on allnurses:

    here are some links to sample care plans and case studies that might help give you some ideas: