Audit any ideas ??

  1. Was wondering if anybody could help for my next assignment have to do a reflecive account on a clinical audit. 90% of my class are doing handwashing. was wondering if anybody had any idea's or reasearch for anything diffrent ?? my placement is on a day surgical ward and would like to do something diffrent, most of the patiens come in at 8am have their op and go home at 12.30 then another lot come in at 1pm and go home about 6pm. this assignment has got me totaly stumped, HELP

    thanks Karen
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  3. by   Daytonite
    This sounds very similar to what we in the U.S. call quality assurance, or quality improvement, studies. They are based on standards of care, policies and procedures of the nursing units. Normally, what you do is take one or two specific procedures or policies and check to see if they are being followed "to the letter" as written in the policy and procedure book of the facility. Handwashing is often one that is chosen because it is a simple one to do and has very few steps involved to it. If you turn to the policy and procedure page on "handwashing" you will see the steps written out as they are supposed to be followed.

    Since you are going to be on a surgical ward, take a few moments to look at the ward's policies on routines that the nurses are expected to follow. You might want to look at things like surgical wound assessment, foley catheter care (that's usually one we did a lot for quality assurance studies), IV site care, monitoring of intake and output, monitoring of vital signs. Check the policy to see what is supposed to be done for one of these nursing procedures. Write down the steps that are supposed to be taken and then do your monitoring of it to see if the nurses are following the facility policy like they are supposed to and attending to all the elements as written in the facility policy. Results are usually pretty eye-opening!

    Hope that is helpful.