ATI critical thinking entrance exam HELP

  1. I have taken the ati critical thinking exam three times. I need advice!anyone else taken it? I'm not even close to passing. If I pass I'll be excepted into the nursing program in August! Its 40 mins. and 40 questions. HELP!!!!!???????!!!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    ati publishes a number of study manuals to help students prepare for their exams. have you thought of purchasing any of them? ati has a website with an online store where you can view the products they sell. you can find the website by doing a web search for "ati"

    there is information on answering critical thinking type questions on this thread:
    the basic strategy for answering critical thinking (application type) questions is as follows, you must:
    • know and consider the normal anatomy and physiology
    • know and consider abnormal anatomy for the disease in question
    • know and consider the resulting signs and symptoms when the disease occurs and how they proceed from mild to fatal - each sign and symptom can be related back to the pathophysiology of the disease
    • know and consider how the doctor diagnoses and treats the disease in question
    • know nursing interventions for the signs and symptoms you are being asked about
    • know the steps of the nursing process and what goes on in each of the steps and consider how they are affecting the question you are being asked
    • know and consider the principles behind the actions being done - there are many kinds of principles: principles of nursing, principles of biology, principles of chemistry, principles of physics, etc.
    • read the stem of the question carefully and answer that because the test makers try to trip you up by distracting you with conflicting information they give you in the answer choices that sounds good but has no relationship to what the question is asking for
    • ask yourself "why" a patient is experiencing some sign or symptoms to get at the underlying problem. nursing like other disciplines treats the problem/signs and symptoms.
  4. by   Melina
    Are you referring to the general critical thinking exam with the logic and reasoning questions (not specific nursing or science questions)?

  5. by   mekkeda
    When I first started taking ATI tests, it was very difficult for me. Not because I didn't know the information but because I was not used to taking tests like ATI. #1 suggestion: SLOW DOWN AND READ THE WHOLE QUESTION. I know that may sound too simple, but when I took the time to read the whole question and all the answers before making my choice, my test results improved dramatically on the ATI. I have a tendency to scan and answer quickly. Don't let the time limit scare you, it is good to take as much time as you can. I highly recommend taking the practice ATI exams online. Your instructor should be able to help you out with know which tests to take or you can just check out the ATI website. Hope this helps.
  6. by   tigereyeskp
    do you have access to an ATI non-proctored practice exam? If so, really look at the rationales for the Right answer as well as the Wrong answers. take the practice exams over and over until you can make a 100% because you know WHY the answers are the right answers. That really helped me pass the ATI exams.
  7. by   lost101
    Yes I think that is what she is talking about? Are there any practice test online so I can at least get a feel of what type of questions to expect?