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  1. hi, everybody

    well i am new in this net
    i live in melbourne i try to study (nursing + public health) in the same time ;\
    hr in melbn if u wana to study it very expensive so i try to study (online ) with uni and there's discussion on line with many subject ;< & assignment ;
    this is my 1st course and i don't hv any idea about it i need ur (help)

    i study at this time many things but i try to talk with all of you with just my textbook (human anatomy &physiology)

    _note a- i study now this 2 books: 1- bodyworks physics and chemistry for nurses
    2- essentials of human anatomy &physiology and more with my the uni.

    the 1st topic

    (what is the difference, if any, between fitness and healthy? are they the same thing? let me know what you think.
    do u hv any answer for this . i answer with my own idea j

    and my assignment: after 8 days

    assignment (exam) 1--written report 1: length: (500words)
    answer the following questions.
    a. define homeostasis. (1 mark)
    b. distinguish between the terms atom, ion, molecule. (3 marks)
    c. define the term nutrient, and outline the main groups of nutrients. (6 marks)
    d. outline the stages in inhaling and exhaling. (5 marks)
    well well well i hope be friend with all from now and 4 everrrrrrrr
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, tamather!
    here are some links to information to help you with the answers to your questions.

    atoms, ions, and molecules: - a slide show presentation about atoms, molecules and ions

    definition of nutrient:

    the six essential nutrients:

    stages of inhaling and exhaling:
    welcome to allnurses!