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Hi, I'm in my second semester and I'm kinda confused about doing this set up, like the drip factor and all that. The instructor taught us, but I still don't get it.:rolleyes: The paper I'm... Read More

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    Can someone tell me what two signs which indicate that I may have inserted the cannula into an artery might be??
    Bright red, throbbing blood. When you see it once you will never mistake it again.
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    peripheral venous access devices:

    central venous access devices (cvads):

    picc lines:

    tpn (total parenteral nutrition):

    iv flow rate and calculation problems:

    blood transfusion:

    iv infusion devices/pumps

    table of commonly used iv solutions
    • Attachment 5949 - most commonly used iv solutions; includes tonicity, ph, the ingredients of the solutions, its uses and complications

    iv tips & tricks:
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