17th NANDA Nursing Diagnoses Help!!!

  1. i was wondering if there was anywhere i can get a list of the new 17th nanda nursing diagnoses??
    i have the old one, but i need a new list... i don't want to get a new book just for the sake of getting the new list of diagnoses... i can't seem to find the new list anywhere online... which seem odd. can anyone help me??

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  3. by   Daytonite
    NANDA does not give these lists away for free. They sell the rights for them to other publishers who must pay a royalty to print them. The best you can do is find out what publisher has the rights to print the new list and then find someone who has the book so you can xerox the list. My copy of the 2009-2011 taxonomy cost me over $40 this year.
  4. by   MsRN247
    thank you for your quick response. i didn't know that. thank you!!