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Nursing specializations for psychology

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I will be graduating this school year from B.S.N. and plan to take up an MS in Psychology after some work experience . If I do so, where and how can I apply psychology to nursing (rather than the other way around)?

After some google work, I found that school and psychiatric nursing would be a safe ground. But I was hoping for something more intense and clinical, in a hospital setting. To further complicate matters, I am interested in medical nursing but really do want to take up that psychology course without becoming a doctor. (Yehy! Nurses can be great without becoming doctors, you know wat I mean?):biere:

Any thoughts are welcome:D

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The only specialties that involve any kind of psychology that I know of are in psych nursing or some kind of counseling. Most of the nurse practitioner roles that involve any kind of mental health or behavioral issues involve some kind of counseling programs. Have you talked with your professors about this? You should also check with the NLN who publishes the list of schools offering MSNs. I think they will also tell you what the nursing specialties are that are offered at those schools as well.


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