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Nursing Shortage and Ethics


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New Ethics Column on OJIN


In the ethics column entitled "The Nursing Shortage and Ethics: Up Front and Personal" on Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN), you are invited to read articles pertaining to the nursing shortage and then submit a story about how the nursing shortage has ethically affected you or your patients/clients.

This journal is produced by Kent State University. From their website:

"We want to do research on ethics stories from nurses relating to the nursing shortage because we believe that you can help us identify us identify the impact of the shortage in the stories from you work experiences with the shortage. We ask you to participate in this project by submitting a story (250 to 500 words preferred) electronically to the address provided about how the nursing shortage has ethically affected you or your patients/clients. We plan to use the stories submitted for inclusion in data analysis about the shortage, to post selected stories in this Ethics column, and may use the data for professional presentations/publications. Stories chosen for publication in the ethics column will follow OJIN editorial policy and will be edited as needed and, before publication the edited story will be returned via e-mail to the author(s) for approval. Therefore, anonymity from the principal investigator cannot be guaranteed, as e-mail follow-up may be necessary. However, all stories will be reviewed and or published without reference to names or locations of persons or organizations. "

Further info including guidelines for submitting your story and an example available at:


I sincerely hope that some of the posters here at this BB will consider sending your heartfelt stories and concerns posted here to OJIN. I am also posting this in the General Discussion area. Karen

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