which Littman stethescope?

  1. I am still doing research for trying to decide which stethescope to buy for nursing school. I know I will get a Littman, but I have had just as many people suggest the Cardiology III as the ones who suggest the Masters Cardiology. The ones who suggest the III, say it is more versatile. The ones who say the Masters say it is just as versatile, but lighter. I want to get the best one and am more concerned with quality than price. So, I was just wondering what you use, why you decided to purchase that particular one, how your experience has been with it, and if you would buy the same one over again. Thanks in advance for sharing. -Kimberly
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  3. by   P_RN
    The last stethoscope you will need to buy is the Littman Cardiology. That's what I have. It will do anything!

    They also develop wanderlust and disappear within days of first use. For nursing school, I think the lightweight one...the one that's about $50 would be more than sufficient.

    When you graduate and develop a really thick hide, THEN go for the good one. You will have to stare down any requests to borrow!