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Hi all! I'm looking for the perfect nurses watch and could use some help. Perfect for me, means analog, with military time, night light, oversized plate, I can find that easy enough, but I'm... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from kiyatylese
    This is my favorite watch of all times. I got it 4 years ago, and it still looks like new. It glows in the dark, doesn't matter if you get it wet and the jelly band is soooooo comfortable.
    That's cute. It kind of reminds me of the Swatch watches from the 80's. I loved those, had a bunch.
  2. by   RedWeasel
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    That glow in the dark thing...very important...never thought of that.
    I have the glow in dark one very nice, gets pts attention too....but does anyone else find the watch starts to smell even with washing and allowing it to dry off of your wrist....its kinda gross--maybe I should switch from leather to plastic....
    I have the pin type too that i got as a present but i am always afraid i will lose it and not be aware, maybe I could afix it to a lanyard, the metal ball type.....
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  3. by   cocoa9065
    For me i think the perfect nursing watch should for sure have a 24 hour clock, but i think a vibrating alarm clock would be useful as well. Cause with just being a student, i found the hardest thing to sometimes remember was when to give meds and times to complete tasks and such. So a vibrating watch that allows you to set more than 1 alarm would be ideal..has anyone seen anything of the sort?
  4. by   chowder69
    hi! Spill, do u have the brand of the digital watch from walmart. sounds like a great dependable buy
  5. by   texkid
    My favorite watch was a timex ironman watch. Until a patients urine splashed all over it. That was replaced pretty quick.
  6. by   LuckyKelleyK
    This watch looks pretty good and comfortable, anyone have it?
  7. by   Lunaticus
    I found this baby at Walmart for $30 and absolutely love it! It has a huge face, military time in red, date, and with a press of a button, it lights up! I've tried several different "nurse" watches, but each one met an untimely demise (I am notoriously hard on watches).

  8. by   diane227
    I have a water proof Omega that I really like but it is not fun. I am looking for a colorful fun watch.
  9. by   LuckyKelleyK
    I really like this one...

  10. by   mllrmp
    Again,all personal preference. I think anyone will try a half dozen watches before they find something that suits them best.

    I prefer the Casio G-Shock series of watches. All very well constructed, analog/digital combo. Indiglo screens and glow in the dark markers for low light scenarios.
  11. by   SandraS
    i can really recommend this one: sanitary watch. its especially made for people that work in sectors with strict higienic rules. you can easily pin it on you cloth. the watch and pin are in a elastic silicon holder and you can take them out for cleaning. the reading is easy because the watch dial is upside down and it has glow in the dark hands and a red second hand for taking puls. it comes in different colours and is very lightweight.
    i ordered it together with my collegues. we paid a reasonable price of 5,90 per watch and we are really happy with them :wink2:
  12. by   w0mpx

    I really like this watch...it went out of stock though. I think I ordered the last one lol.
  13. by   James Garrity
    The perfect watch for me,and im a guy so bare with me.The Rolex Explorer II.First off,its made of surgical grade stainless steel and hermeticly sealed and presure proof to 600',so I can autocleve it if I wanted to and no mater what gets on my hands,blood,bedadine,saline, puke,a quick rinse and its good to go.It has a dual timezone function(military time)the dial markings are Luminox,so I can read it in total darkness as easy as an Indaglo,but without the need for a battery as it it has an automatic"prepetual"movement,so as long as im wearing it,its winding,I can take it off and it still has a 12 hour reserve.One the best things I like is it has a "sweep"second hand not the quartz "click" second hand witch make reading a pulse more acurate as you can some times end up reading the watch ticks instead of the heart beat,its swiss made(nuff said)and you can get either a white or black dial,its sporty and classy at the same time.But its is an investment.