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This topic has probably been discussed before... As a nurse or nursing student, what do you use to carry your things at the hospital? Does it work? If you could have it your way, what would... Read More

  1. by   huladancer
    This has nothing to do with the OP question, but I had a teacher tell me that she went to Australia and went to different stores asking for a "fanny pack". She said people kept looking at her weird and people kept telling her "We don't sell that here". Eventually, one of the retail clerks told her that "fanny" was a vulgar name for vagina.
    :roll :roll
    This post reminded me of that story.
  2. by   TheCommuter
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  3. by   RN Randy
    You need pocketed clothing, and if you want tough scrubs that are darn near denim-like, try these:


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  4. by   Honeychild
    I use a pocket organizer to hold pens, scissors, hemastats, alcohol swabs, keys, highlighter, and lunch money.

    I have a tote bag that I keep in my locker with spares of the above things plus pain reliever, tums, lotion, toothbrush and tooth paste, floss, my purse, etc.

    All of these things have come in handy, either for me or someone else.