Stethoscope question

  1. Hi! I will be starting a nursing program in the fall and I just got the list of things we will be needing. As for a stethoscope, we need either a Littman Classic II S.E. #2216 or Littman Lightweight Stethoscope #2190. I was just wondering if any of you used either one of these and which you would recommend?

    I look forward to getting to know more of you here!
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    Pretty much any Littman is a good stethoscope.

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  4. by   jackee
    definetely the light weight model......i bought a super duper stethoscope.....but I can barely use it it's so heavy!!
  5. by   moni rn
    welcome!!! :d

    i use a classic ii se. i absolutely love it!

    good luck!
  6. by   ljb
    that sounds like my list of "things to get", and I'm also in PA. Are you by any chance starting at Jefferson? (I start there in June, I'm excited...and nervous!)
    Well, if so, maybe I'll meet you on campus!

  7. by   Waerhawk
    We were encouraged to get the Classic II and I like it, but then I tried my instructor's Cardiac (?) the classic III. It was much better. For the extra $75 I wish I would have gotten the III. Murmurs and breath sounds come in more loud and clear.
    Good Luck in the fall & enjoy your summer!
  8. by   LPN/Patsy
    Both Littman's are good but just make sure they have the soft self-sealing ear pieces, your ears will thank you,

    Good Luck with your future career in nursing!