Short and thin..WHERE can I get scrubs that FIT?!! - page 3

Ok, I hate this (please don't flame me, I am not complaining about my weight!) . I cannot find scrubs that fit me! I am 4 11 (barely) and around 95-100lbs (depending on the day LOL). Seems that they... Read More

  1. by   bostongirl86
    Thanks Sponkie! I am checking out the site right now =)
  2. by   SweetTeaRN
    I had this problem when I had lost 20 lbs. after surgery. Radiance is a brand of scrubs sold at my local scrub shop that come in XXS. Their bottoms were the only ones that wouldn't fall off my hips when I was really tiny. They are pretty cheap at the store here, about $16. I think they come in petite and tall, too...the man at my store said he could special order the size and colors I wanted. Urbane makes an XXS that can be special ordered too but I didn't try them.