Scrub colirs

  1. I work in a LTC facility that requires each dept. to wear a different color scrub top over khaki color pants.
    My question is, does your employer require certain colors or styles or are you free to choose?
    Personally, if I could wear the color I wanted to it would be solid navy blue top and pants, I feel that color looks neat and professional plus it hides anything you may spill on your uniform.
    What are your favorite colors and do you prefer solid or patterned tops?
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  3. by   Inori
    its a uniform so you wear whatever your company, facility says. My place they decided that we could wear any scrubs so long as it was scrubs. but at the main hospital nurses wear all white, pcas wear white bottom but navy top, etc and etc. Anyways by all rights what i wear is while fashionable and pretty is same as what PCAs wear so heck i go with what everyone else is doing. OK i took advantage of this rare opportujnity to indulge in the coolest outfit i could find. If they say we're swtiching to black i'll change uniforms then until then i'm wearing my hello kitty scrubs, and other cool designs Either way you get paid so must play by rules otherwise you can get written up for not being in uniform.
  4. by   AnieleiLPN
    The medical group I work in we were given a choice of 4 top colors that we can alternate throughout the week if we want. Jackets and pants have to be black and undershirts can be either white or black though they aren't real strict about that if the shirt doesn't show. But yes we are required to buy a certain brand so that the 4 colors are all the same shade. It's not so bad, gives us some variety (can wear any style and anyone of the 4 colors any day of the week) and we all look professional.