1. hello from germany,
    my question today: does anyone wear pantyhose for support? my mom (nurse too) and i wear them under our scrubs, so that legs and feet don't hurt during and after long work.
    we use to put on some white tennis socks over the pantyhose - so the nylon fabric doesn't show between shoe and pants.
    what about you other contributors? do you wear pantyhose under scrubs? and if you do so: do you cover and hide them under cotton socks?
    greetings: c.c.
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  3. by   elkpark
    While I haven't done floor nursing in "whites" in a long time, when I did I always wore firm support pantyhose (white) under my uniforms (inc. pants). It makes a big difference by the end of the shift! I did not wear socks over the hose -- I didn't see any problem with the hose showing. Why would that be a problem?
  4. by   cat-cat
    My mom told me, the cotton fabric of white tennis socks between shoe and pants creates a much more modest look than the sheer nylon of pantyhose. Thats why she accustomed to use a pair of cotton socks for coverage whenever she wears pantyhose under pants. I assumed this habit years ago. Do you think nylon pantyhose is modest as well?
  5. by   elkpark
    Well, in the first place, my white firm-support pantyhose weren't particularly "sheer" -- they were nearly opaque, and, in the second place, I don't see it as any less "modest" than wearing hose with a dress or slacks outside of work. Particularly with pants -- I think it's been quite a while since showing your ankles was considered racy!
  6. by   cat-cat
    i asked my mom about that. she said, that sheer nylon stockings around the ankles could attract some men's views a little too much. so it's just a question of feeling completely dressed for her to cover her pantyhose by pulling some white tennis socks over them. she likes the "no-pantyhose-look" that give the tennis socks to her !
  7. by   al586
    I agree with your mother! I always wear light support hose & socks under my scrubs. Not only does it provide coverage when wearing light scrub pants, but it helps cut down friction between shoes and skin. For example, many soldiers & hikers wear two pairs of socks to cut down on boot/foot friction to prevent blisters on the feet. The friction is contained between the two layers of socks, or, in our case, pantyhose and socks. And the extra support doesn't hurt! It cuts down on fatigue & varicose veins.