Nano-Tex Sizing - Help!!

  1. I have no idea how to buy scrubs and haven't had my nursing orientation yet, so this is the only place I know to go to for this question.

    Our school gave us a code for The shirt is "Nano-Tex Navy Unisex V-Neck Top w/ Patch and Trim" and we have a choice of pants, either "Nano-Tex White Unisex Drawstring Pant with Liner" or "Nano-Tex White Women's Elastic Waist Pant with Pant Liner". I'm 5'4", have a tiny waist and am bigger on bottom... just really uncertain how to purchase the right size. For reference, I'm a size 4 dress, 6-8 jeans, and purchase small tops typically. Normally, jeans are too big in the waist and too tight on my thighs, but with a drawstring, I'm guessing the waist wouldn't be a problem.

    Thoughts? Thanks so much to whoever took the time to read this!
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  3. by   unicoRNurse

    I had to get my uniforms from there as well. I got the unisex drawstring pants one size larger than I wear in regular clothes, because I wanted them roomy, and that worked out just fine. The top was another story. I didn't want anything too fitted, so I figured a unisex top one size larger than usual would work, but alas. I ended up in a (unisex, v-neck tunic) top literally FOUR - FIVE sizes larger than I wear in regular clothing. Perhaps I would have been better off in the women's top for fit, but I didn't want anything too fitted, and they were $10 more than the unisex (each), so I went with the unisex. Having washed them prior to wearing them, I can already tell I will likely need a couple fresh uniforms next year, so I might go ahead and try the women's tops next year. If you end up getting the women's top, I would be interested in hearing your opinion of the fit and sizing.

  4. by   breezy7
    Thanks for your help! I think I'll definitely go for the women's top, then. My mom seems to think I'll need an XS on top, but I can't decide between S and M on bottom. Hate buying clothes without trying them on! And I'll let you know how the top works out when it comes in!!