How can I keep my scrubs from fading? - page 2

All of my scrubs are Cherokee flexibles. I really want to keep these looking nice and not faded. What's the best way to wash and dry them so that they stay the same color? I thought maybe washing in... Read More

  1. by   Yulie
    I keep it simple buy it seems to work. I use tide free on cool (always put detergent in first) I turn everything inside out and only wash uniforms with uniforms No socks or towels. I do a double rinse. I tumble dry using the wrinkle release feature (basically the cool down) 2 bounty sheets. As soon as they are ready. I do a grab, shake, and hang method (keeping the dryer running in between) I finish up with Bounty wrinkle reducer spray I still have sets that are 10 years old and look great (I'm a little ocd with the laundry lol)
  2. by   Yppah
    I've got to try this vinegar wash! I hate when my scrubs fade! Thanks for the suggestions.