High end vs cheap trauma shears

  1. I have been going through a lot of trauma shears in the ED lately. Ortho glass seems to ruin them fairly quickly or I lose them. Trying to decide if it might be worth it buy a tougher pair. Has anyone tried the xshear or the raptor tool from leatherman? Or have any other thoughts on tougher longer lasting shears. I am hoping if spend a little more I will take better care of them too, but who knows things can get hectic.
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  3. by   soutthpaw
    see this thread. Tools of the trade
  4. by   SapphireKitten
    I bought a cheap pair of Prestige Medical shears on Amazon. They were only $10, and I haven't noticed any dulling of the blades. I avoid cutting Orthoglass with my shears because a coworker told me that they certainly will run down quickly like that! In the ED I work in, we keep a pair of regular scissors chained to the shelf where the Orthoglass is, that way nobody can walk off with them. This way nobody has to kill their personal shears every time they need to make a splint! Maybe you could suggest or start something similar in your department? Or, if time permits, borrow a pair of scissors out of the desk drawer.
  5. by   jebber
    I really like the xshears except they are really heavy when compared to normal shears.
  6. by   mailenaka
    Thanks for the posts so far. I found a video of someone testing them.


    Seems like they all cut the same for the most part, with the exception of some really cheap looking ones. It would be interesting to see the same test in a few months. I'll probably just go with some mid level carabiners or something like that since let's face it I am gonna lose them anyway.
  7. by   PeakRN
    I carry a pair of heritage 775LR, I started using them when I picked up shifts in a pediatric ortho clinic and I had to cut off soft casts that parents duct taped together. They don't gum up, they don't really dull, and they cut through just about everything. The downside is that they are a bit heavy but they will hold up forever.