Earth Shoes

  1. First of all, wow, I can't belive there is a form dedicaited to shoes on this page! Secondly all I ever wear if I have shoes on are earth shoes. However none of my shoes are white.
    Do shoes have to be 100% white like or would those be too open on the top? Or would a shoe like with a little color be okay? OR has anyone just gone with a shoe they like and then paint over the trim somehow? Also what's the deal with clogs?
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  3. by   elkpark
    Are you already licensed, or are you a nursing student? That makes a difference, because most school dress codes are stricter than most employer dress codes (at least in my experience). If you are (or are going to be) a nursing student, do not spend any money on shoes until you know for sure what your school dress code says about shoes for clinicals. The dress codes are usually pretty specific, and strictly enforced.

    I notice one of the links you posted is for a pair of white canvas shoes -- nursing school dress codes often specify that shoes cannot be fabric -- they must be of leather or some other material that won't allow fluids to soak through. Also, since you asked, many (most?) school dress codes specifically prohibit clogs.

    However, employer dress codes are usually more flexible and general.
  4. by   mamayogibear
    Thanks for the reply. I'm just in school. I'm getting a pair of White Dickies Clogs for the Holidays and hope they will work until I'm finished with school. Then I'll try to get a pair of all white Earth Shoes which seem so expensive but if I'm going to be spending 12 hours a day on my feet it'll be worth it!

    Does anyone on here use Earth Shoes?