Awsome Shoes that you feet never hurt in!!

  1. Hey All-

    I just found out about these awsome shoes called MBT that can almost guarentee to tone your muscles in your feet, ankles, hamstrings, thigh, butt, stomach and back. I went to a home show we had in our town and there was this exhibit about these shoes. I have severe plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and these shoes are awsome, my feet are not supposed to not hurt in them at all. You guys got to check these out. However the only downside is that they are around $220 but its well worth it.

    Website is:

    There are 12 styles to choose from including shoes good for nursing (professional style). I guess the shoe lifts and aligns you body on its own center of gravity thus forcing you to use weakened muscles. As the body lenghtens and tightens with each step, circulation improves and strength is regained.

    So not only are they comfortable and your feet feel so good in them, but they actually help tone your muscles and get this, they can help with cellulite and varicose veins cause they increase circulation to your legs when your posture is re-aligned with they shoes. I bought them and they made a mold to the shape of my feet including the bottom arch of my foot. I am really excited to get them and try them out! Curleysue.
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  3. by   maxwellsmart
    those shoes look very cool, it looks as though they are almost rounded at the bottoms. I'm looking into getting a pair of earth shoes. check em out!
  4. by   OkieKaraRN
    I have two pair of Earth shoes and I love, love, love them!!
  5. by   dazzle256
    Quote from OkieKaraRN
    I have two pair of Earth shoes and I love, love, love them!!
    I like Earth shoes too except my feet are a little wide and Earth shoes tend to run narrow. I just have to wear thin socks with them. I might look into the shoes curlysue posted. Those look comfy.
  6. by   cubelle
    I've found that the MBT's work awesome for some people, and some people hate them. I was unfortunately in the second group. They were too hard on my arches. Merrell's work great for me. But we are all unique, in even our feet!
  7. by   Nurserton
    Do your research before forking out that much. There are many brands popping up with their versions of a toning shoe, including:
    Skechers, of course
    Champion (Payless)
    Therashoe (Kmart)
    Dr. Scholls
    Nature Made (I think that's the name..something with Nature in it..)

    Prices range from 29.99 to $100+