Nursing Schools in TN or KY that Accept You if You Failed Out of Another Program?


So I was in nursing school at Lipscomb University and failed out of their program. I am looking to transfer to another nursing school nearby. I was looking at Austin Peay and Western Kentucky since I live about an hour away from both of them, but I just got off the phone with the lady from Austin Peay and they don't accept you if you failed out of another program. She was actually pretty rude about it. Does anyone know of nursing schools in the area that will accept you if you failed another program?


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That is going to be a tough hill to climb. Nursing schools are very competitive and don't need to take a chance on someone that has already failed another nursing program. Most programs that I am aware of have a policy that you can not have failed a nursing program in the last 5 yrs.

For-profit schools will take anyone that is willing to pay their expensive fees. They will allow you to get the degree, but do a poor job at preparing you for NCLEX. Many of the multiple test takers (5-15X) are from for-profit schools.