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Hey everyone!

Not only that i'm new to this site, I'm also new to this wonderful field of nursing. I' m also trying to put my life together by going back to school to become a nurse ( I finally figured out what i wanted to do, it was with me all along!). But I need your help. What school do you recomend? Is Maric college the right way to go? What good school did you go to that i should be aware of?

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Welcome to Allnurses. We are all over the world here, so it would be best if you asked your question in the state forum where you live. Click the "local" tab above and then find the state in which you live so you can hone in on people that might be able to answer your question since it's specific to one partiuclar area.

However, please feel free to ask any general questions you may have. Welcome to the site and best of luck to you!

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