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Hi so I am a student from California who finished 3 years of college. I've been applying for a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing for the past 2 cycles and I've been rejected from all the schools I've apply to (all in California) so now I'm trying to expand my search since I feel like I'm wasting my time as a newly switched Health Science major student.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me schools to look into in Oklahoma.

These are the stats for the pre-requisites for Californian schools (i don't know if it's the same for schools in Oklahoma):

My science GPA (anatomy & physiology, microbiology, chem): 3.15

My non science GPA (english, communication, psychology, philosophy, statistics): 3.48

Current overall GPA: 3.59

TEAS: 86.7

HESI: 86.7

I'm going to presume you are referring to Oklahoma City. As with most states, we have both ADN and BSN programs. I'll give you your options below.

ADN programs at community colleges (Expect $1500 a semester with instate tuition, $3000 otherwise)

1. Oklahoma City Community College


3. Rose State College (located roughly 15 minutes east of OKC)

4. Redlands community college (located 30 minutes west of OKC)

With your stats (especially your TEAS score), you have good chances of getting into these. I would recommend OCCC.

Public Universities

1. Oklahoma University

2. University of Central Oklahoma

These are both very competitive programs and with your current GPA I don't you imagine you would be accepted to either one (students with 3.7-4.0 are routinely rejected). If accepted I believe they would cost around $6000 a semester if you are an out of state student.

Private University

Oklahoma City University

I have several friends that attend this University and they all enjoy it. Anybody who meets the basic requirements (2.5 GPA and all prerequisites completed) is accepted. As a private university, however, the tuition is quite high ($10,000 a semester). They are generous with scholarships, but I would still imagine at least $8000 a semester minimum.

If you are eager to get started and either have financial resources or a willingness to bog yourself down in student loans, Oklahoma City University is your best choice. If you have more time, one of the ADN programs would be better (you can bridge over in an online 12 month state school after getting your ADN for around $6000 total, seeing as you would have instate residency at that time). Keep in mind that all local hospitals in OKC (baptist,saints,mercy,etc) still higher ADN's, so you would be able to work locally while bridging to your BSN.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

EDIT: I just saw your overall GPA was 3.59, I thought I had read 3.15. It would still be difficult to be accepted to local public universities, but with a 3.59 it would be worth the application fee for sure. With that GPA and TEAS you would almost definetely be accepted to any of the ADN programs.


Thank you so much for replying! I applied to Oklahoma City University because my dad's friend's wife went there but with all the difficulties with transcripts and stuff like that, I'm currently waiting to hear back. Thank goodness they extended the deadline because I've completely lost hope and this school was my last chance after getting rejected from the Californian schools I applied to so hopefully I hear good news


I think your stats are pretty competitive for the University of Oklahoma's Traditional BSN program! I am a graduate of this program and was very nervous about being accepted myself. I was accepted into the program with a 3.33 overall GPA and a 3.33 science GPA (considered Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry classes at the time I was still working on my Physiology class which wasn't included in this GPA). Granted, Physiology was my absolute last class I had to take when I applied and I had completed all of my pre-requisites at OU. However, if you've completed all of your pre-requisites at an "equivalent research-level university", your GPA is quite competitive, as I knew several people who were accepted who had completed their pre-requisites at other, sometimes out-of-state universities. Additionally, OU does not require you take the TEAS and does not factor them into the admission process. I don't know anything about California schools but I am from Texas and found Oklahoma BSN programs were *significantly* less competitive than those in the state of Texas. I urge you to apply around here for sure!! Other great BSN programs in central Oklahoma are the University of Central Oklahoma, East Central University and Oklahoma City University (expensive private university, but you qualify for automatic acceptance into their BSN program because they accept everyone with their pre-reqs done and GPA above 3.0). Best of luck to you :)

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