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i'm moving to los angeles next year and i want to go to a nursing school there. does anyone know of any schools in los angeles that specialize in nursing such as maric college in san diego? if so, please let me know. thanks so much!


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First of all, start here:

Read every word.

Consider the wisdom of those "in the trenches" lest you repeat their mistakes.

If you are still interested:

Volunteer as an aide. Get a job as an aide.


Follow a nurse on a 12 hour shift for 3 days in a row.


That your income will max out and not progress beyond middle class levels and be happy with this.


That on certain days, you will make an enourmous difference in someones life.


You will never receive adequate compensation or credit for it. You may even be harrassed by family members who hate you for trying. Not to mention your employer with an entirely different "agenda."

Then, after you have become a nurse:

Reflect upon your decision. You'll do it often, for hours on end while trying to sleep.

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After reading the above posts, if you still want to become a nurse, check out the American Assoc. of College of Nursing list of colleges with schools of nursing, scroll down to Calif. state:

California State Board of Registered Nursing list of approved RN programs @

California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians approved LVN schools:

Go for it! I still enjoy nursing after 24 years; know it is a 24 hr/7 day a week profession, especially hospital and nursing home based practice and not for the faint hearted. Best of luck in your decision.

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