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So, I have been trucking along taking my pre-req's, I got my CNA between semesters and have landed a job in a hospital. I took the TEAS test and got in to two LPN programs but decided not to accept and just go for my RN. Now, I am an "older" student and my GPA isn't the greatest. My recent stuff is all A's and B's but I have some C's and a couple of D's and one F that I never retook...all very old. So, because of this I am petrified that I won't get into a decent school. I am applying for Penn Valley and St. Luke's for January. Then if that doesn't work I can apply for Graceland but all of these are very competitive and hard to get into with a low GPA like mine. So, do I just go to a profit school such at National American University or Concorde? Will it hurt me in trying to get an RN job? I am hoping to just stay at the hospital I am at and bridge to my BSN since that is what they want. Any thoughts? I just want this so bad and hate that my past of being young and crazy is going to prevent me from getting it. I am not even the same student I was 20 years ago.Was I stupid to not go into an LPN program?

Have you tried to apply to Research College of Nursing?

I had gotten accepted to a LPN program and declined to get my RN-BSN because either way, I would have been in school for the next 2 years. So, I decided to apply to RCON and got my BSN out of the way while getting my RN. You should apply to every program out there. Don't just stop with two.

I've been a nurse 3 years now and I am still at my first nursing job. I am also a SANE nurse and will be sitting for the certification exam in October.

In addition to just working weekends only, I will be taking a local contract traveling job in the area.

There are so many roads with nursing, and having your BSN will only help you in the long run.

Good luck!

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