Nursing schools in Arizona


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Hi everyone,

I have a bachelor's degree from California in biology, and have been having a very difficult time getting into any time of nursing school. ABSN programs have been out of the question since my cumulative GPA disqualified me from all of them, and so associate's programs are mostly random lottery chance. I have an opportunity to move to Arizona right now.

Does anyone any one know if it is easier to get into an ABSN or ADN program in arizona compared to california? For reference my cumulative GPA is 2.6 (due to my first year doing terribly), but my last few years of classes with my important prerequisites such as Microbiology, sociology, lifespan psychology, anatomy and physiology, have a GPA of about 3.4. My TEAS exam score is an 85%.

I really want to get into a program so I can start my career asap, but does anyone know if I'll have more luck in arizona?