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i'm entering my last semester of my senior year in nursing school. i have gained a ridiculous amount of weight. i've gained almost 20 lbs. since being in nursing school. i'm not sure if it's the stress or the food choices i have access to. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing and if so how could i go about losing the weight. i walk, work out with at home videos and it all just doesn't seem to be helping. any help would be wonderful. :uhoh21:


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Portions, portions, portions. Eat whatever you like but only eat until you no longer feel hungry, not until you're's two totally different things. Go easy on the fried and rich foods as well. Get a small fri and eat half, or grab a few from a friend, for example.

Hope that helps!


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I gained about 30# during my last year of nursing school, mainly because I was always rushing around and grabbing whatever was quick and fast. I was raising 4 little kids at the time, working nights and weekends as an aide at the hospital, plus going to school........the perfect set-up for piling on the pounds. One day I caught myself coming out of the kitchen with two pieces of bread with peanut butter and a handful of BBQ potato chips on my plate, and I realized that these were the very same 'comfort foods' I turned to back when I was a student in high school! :chuckle


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I too gained a lot of weight whilst in Nurses School. I lived in the hospital I trained at... which meant no exercise getting to/ from work. Because of the shift times and the proximity of the hospital canteen usually headed straight for the fast food section.

Don't worry too much about it... I learned that I needed to allot a portion of the day to work out. Really it comes down to a simple equation.... I eat less calories than I burn off during exercise... I don't starve myself, choose foods wisely - and stay away from the hospital canteen. Oh yeah... and I use the stairs rather than the elevators whenever possible.

:uhoh3: ... now if only I could get rid of the cigarettes...:uhoh3:

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