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I am currently in the process of doing my health packet for the LVN program. I am pretty confused about the vaccines.

I am 25 years old and had these vaccines when I was younger.

-2 shots of MMR, one when I was 2 and the other when I was 4.

-3 shots of Hepatits B, two when I was 2 (a few months apart) and one when I was 5.

i have asked various people about these vaccines including a doctor, nurse practioner, and a nurse. They have all told me something different.

How long should each vaccine last and would I need to get it again? The school I'm going to just wants proof of the vaccines or titers. I have immunization records as proof but not sure if it I would still need the vaccines again.

Get a list of vaccinations needed for school, ask your doctor to test for immunity. Once you get your titers done you will be able to determine if you need any vaccinations or not. Im not exactly sure how long each specific vaccination last for. However, more than likely you will need updated shots. Get a list of vaccinations needed for school, ask your doctor to test for immunity.

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Ask your program which vaccines they want you to have. Get titers done - if your titers show immunity you don't need to get the vaccine again. Get vaccinated (new or booster) for those disease to which your titers do not show adequate immunity (your doctor will help you interpret which ones you need). Submit proof of titers and vaccination to nursing school.


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I would recommend having your immunization record looked over by a nurse at your school's Student Health Services (or something similar). My friend had some issues with her vaccinations and was told different things by different health care professionals before she wound up going to Student Health Services. Chances are they work closely with your nursing program, have seen many different students, and know exactly what you need for your program. Best wishes!