Nursing school

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Hi all! I'm at my local community college taking all of my pre requisites coursework required for my college of nursing. I applied for the ADN program and in fall 2016, they're coming out with their bachelors program(thank god!).. I dream to become an ER nurse! I am extremely energetic and driven. I have received all A's in my pre requisite coursework including anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, medical terminology, health and nutrition, etc.. I find it somewhat easy. I was asking for tips for nursing courses.. how did yall deal with stress? How much is the workload? Can I juggle a social life but still greatly focus on nursing? I did all of my gen eds for the nursing college also, so I'm only taking 2 nursing courses per semester.. but still considered full time. Is 2 nursing courses a less workload? I've looked at other colleges curriculum and they're taking all of their gen eds on top of about 3 nursing courses per semester for their BSN program. But their tuition is 38,000 a year.. and multiply that times 3 and that's just insane! So I was asking about how yall juggled it all? Also, if any scholarships are out there, please let me know! My nursing program is 20k for the two years which isn't bad at all, but I want to pay the less I can and save up money. Thank you so much, I will appreciate all of the replys!

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