Nursing school

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I wish to become a nurse but I'm unfamiliar with the process. Can anyone please specify the process of being accepted to nursing school?

I understood that I will have to take the TEAS test. If I took biology and chemistry in high school, will I pass this test?

Is it a graduate degree? Do I need to do a pre-nursing program in college, and only then apply to nursing school? Or is it an undergrad program, and then will I have to take the TEAS on my senior year in high school?

If I only took biology and chemistry in high school, will I meet the science level required on the TEAS test?

Any answer will be appreciated!


Yes you do need to take prereq courses before applying to any nursing program whether it be adn or BSN. Be aware that BSN programs are competitive at the moment- top GPA and score in the test are highly needed. you can take those prereqs at the cc. They will take 1-2 years to complete since the prereqs do require prereq courses to it. you may need to take the teas if the schools require it. Some chem and bio will meet some of the science of the teas but not all of the science. Some other prereqs like human anatomy, physiology, microbiology will be on the teas test itself actually. It's better to be familiar with the content than not. when people told me about the teas they said to have already taken the courses or during.

good luck with your process.