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Hey everybody, I'm new to this website. It is very informative for someone like me who is interested in getting into the nursing profession. I have a question about nursing programs and schools. I am currently attending a university trying to get my prereqs out of the way. However, there is a huge waiting list for the program, very discouraging. I have been contemplating the idea of going to a private community college to obtain my LVN license, and then continuing school later to obtain BSN. Is this a good idea?? Does anyone have any opinions on this? Any advice would be helpful, thank you!


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Hi there and welcome to !!

Where do you live? Are there any nursing schools other than the one that is backed up?

There is NOTHING wrong with doing an LPN to RN bridge program. Can you check with the university and see if they will accept the community college credits.

Let us know what all is happening, OK?


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I live in california, bay area. all of the schools around here are impacted, the prereq classes are also very impacted. i was just thinking if i could go through an excelerated program I would have the experience that might help my foot get in the door in a BSN program. I have not checked if the classes are transferable, i will do that as soon as possible. thanks again!

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