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I was just curious what are all the supplies and stuff you need for nursing school?


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ok these are the supplies i found most helpful

1" binders for your minor classes, vocational trends, nutrition, and growth and development.

3" binder for A & P

3" binder for fundamentals

lots of 5 subject notebooks, you will be taking alot of notes. and comfortable writing pens. i use gel pens.

each day i would put the handouts from class in the binder and behind that i would put my notes and workbook pages. that way when you go to study its all right there.

you have to be organized, there is way to much information to be studying from 3 different sources. this is what has worked really well for me.

youll need a good strong sturdy backpack or a rolling bag. lots of comfortable pens and pencils. a computer with powerpoint for presentations. and lots of coffee

remember its a marathon, not a sprint


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lots & lots of em!:wink2:


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lots & lots of em!:wink2:

i second that!!! most important supply i have!!

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