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I am currently taking my prerequisites for nursing and am worried about how flexible nursing school schedules are. I am currently working full time in childcare for the summer and really enjoy it. I will be going to nursing school in fall of 2018 and also plan to move out of my parent's house at that time.. hopefully. I would really like to continue working full time in childcare while in nursing school, but that would require me to go to school in the evenings. Do most nursing schools offer flexible schedules? I would like to go to UTMB Galveston or UT Health Science Center Houston, so if anyone has information on those schools' schedules that would be great! What was your schedule like in nursing school?

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Each nursing school is different. To be perfectly honest though, you're the one who is going to have to have a flexible schedule. Working full-time and going to nursing school at the same time is not impossible, but it is difficult. You'll have clinical's and classes during the week and nursing exams are hard, so you really need to set aside the appropriate amount of time to study. I am not saying you need to quit working to go to school whatsoever. If you do both and pull it off, more power to you! Just letting you know that you'll have to be the one with a flexible schedule and that nursing school will keep you very very busy. Good luck:)


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Nursing schools definitely vary. My first semester of nursing school I had skills class on Mondays, Lecture from 8-12 on tuesday, and clinical on wednesday from 6-3. I had the rest of the week off.


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If you can stay with your parents, and not work, or work less then that's what I would recommend.

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You might find a school that's flexible but the schools around me are not. We have a set schedule, lecture on Monday and Wednesday from 8-12 followed by lab in the afternoons on those days. Clinical is on either Tuesday or Thursday, you don't get your schedule until the start of the term and it may include an occasional night, weekend, or both days on a given week. Additionally, we have our exams every other Friday. My advisor had me sit down and calculate out the numbers of hours I would be sitting in or attending class, followed by the "recommended" number of hours to prep or study for each class. This totaled to about 60 hours per week that we would have to devote to school. After writing that down, my advisor told me that the school doesn't recommend that we work our first term so that we can develop a study plan that works for us before trying to work.