Nursing School Readmission Problems


I left nursing school in 2002. I had completed Nursing III, left during Nursing IV. This was a two year A.S. program.

I reapplied and was accepted with advance placement back in to Nursing IV with two requirements;

Repeat A&P I and II (which I am currently doing instead of Excelsior Exam)

Repeat Microbiology or take the Excelsior exam

Here'e the issue! The school is now telling me that I need to retake Nursing III (got an A the first time) because they decided I have been out of med-surg too long. I received an acceptance letter with advanced placement. Now after the fact, after investing thousands of dollars in courses and an exam, they changed their minds. Is this appropriate?

The instructor/administrator of the school acknowledged this should have been determined by them before they sent the letter. I just do not know what to do. I will take Nursing IV, then a summer intensive Nursing III (after I complete IV.) It seems a bit irrational. Summers are difficult because I have young children.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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IMO I think that 7 years out of school is a bit long. I would have to agree that you should take III over just to freshen up on things. Just look at it like an easy course because you have already taken it before. You will learn some new things too. I don't think you have an option anyway it sounds like they are telling you how it is. Well good luck!

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