Nursing school prerequisited determined by individual school or the BRN? HELP


So i just graduated from an accredited school in Ca and took the NCLEX about a week and a half ago. I got a letter from the BRN saying that they had not recieved a transcript for my Anatomy class and that my results were on hold. I sent in three transcripts in the same envelope so I know they recieved it. My question is, does the BRN only accept certain anatomy classes or does the school you are applying to decide what is an acceptable anatomy prerequisite course for their program? The anatomy class i took was titled Human Biology it was a four unit class with anatomy and a little physiology and included a lab (I had taken it before choosing nursing as my major). Some schools said it was an acceptable course for anatomy if I also took physiology which i did. Some schools wouldn't accept it. Now I am worried that the BRN is going to tell me this course isn't an acceptable course and make me take it over. I already have a job that is holding a position for me and this is a nightmare. I resent my transcripts and sent them with a note saying what the anatomy class was titled and where on the transcript they could find it. I'm hoping they just overlooked it since it was titled Human Bio instead of human anatomy. Any advice on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks ALL:)

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CaliforniaNurseGirl, that sounds like a tough position to be in. :crying2:

Here's something I would do: Go to and look to see if there are any colleges on there that accept that class as a prereq. Print copies of that to substantiate your claim.

If not, you might look at online A&P through Denver/Colorado Schools OR Samuel Merrit's 6 week A&P classes.

Also, get copies of the course description and syllabus from the college where you took that class.

Find out if there are any colleges that allow you to test out of A&P that are accepted by the BRN and see what you can do.

For example, even though you can't get a degree thru Excelsior that the BRN will accept, maybe the BRN will accept their A&P class. I know that some Nursing Schools that are BRN approved do accept classes from Excelsior.

G/L and Prayers!